As you may know, Eftel recently purchased the Dragnet customer base of Dialup, ADSL, Domains and Webhosting customers.

We did NOT purchase the satellite services, however because of the way Dragnet provisioned its services, as a consequence of acquiring domain names from Dragnet, Eftel is now hosting email services for the satellite customers on a temporary basis.

Given these circumstances we are prepared to continue to host these email services for Dragnet satellite customers while they arrange alternative email services. However, that courtesy hosting arrangement will be terminating on 1st July 2013.

If you would like Eftel to provide you with a continuing and permanent email service then please contact Eftel on 1300 550 550, to discuss your plan options. Otherwise we would suggest you seek an alternate email address provider in advance of the 1st July 2013.

If you are a satellite customer and have any enquiries about your satellite service please call +61 2 6049 0773 or email

For all Dialup, ADSL, Domain and Webhosting customer, please click here, or contact us on 1300 550 550.

If you are unable to log in to Webmail

Some of our customers are experiencing difficulty accessing their email via Webmail at If you are affected we may need to change your webmail password. If you have access to email, please email us at with your details and we will reset your password.